A short follow up to THATCamp Feminisms

The work of THATCamp Feminisms deserves much more writing than I have in me right now – I’d like to talk about the challenges we faced, from strange website issues, to hacked project pages, to missing people whose funding fell through as well as the amazing outcomes and insights – the power of the local and of the national, new apps to be built and communities to grow, and rich […]

Learning about "notability" and thinking print dependence

I’m a new wikipedia editor. If I make it past the fourth day, I will have reached the status of “Established Editor” – apparently most people don’t make it that long. I feel a little bit like Atreyu approaching the Southern Oracle in The Neverending Story. I hope I don’t get zapped and I have a sense that there is something a bit mysterious about this test. But a couple […]

Notes for #tooFEW Edit a thon

In preparation for Friday’s #tooFEW Wikipedia Edit-a-thon, I spent some time watching the great training session that Adrianne Wadewitz did for a Pitzer class taught by Alex Juhasz. To help those who are coming to our local editing party and those who will be working virtually, I’ve written up a few rather lightweight notes. I really recommend watching the video in full – these notes are intended as reference for […]