Feminist Digital Humanities: Theoretical, Social, and Material Engagements around Making and Breaking Computational Media

Here’s our Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI) course Elizabeth Losh, University of California, San Diego (updated: William and Mary College, VA) Jacque Wernimont, Scripps College (updated: Arizona State University, AZ) Although there is a deep history of feminist engagement with technology, projects like FemTechNet argue that such history is often hidden and feminist thinkers are frequently siloed. In order to address this, the seminar will offer a set of background […]

Not (Re)Covering Feminist Methods in Digital Humanities

NB: this is a new title for my short position paper that was part of the Excavating Feminisms panel at DH2013. I’m a participant in Early Modern Digital Agendas at the Folger Library in DC and unable to be also in Nebraska. I was lucky to have Miriam Posner read on my behalf. I should note that I kept this intentionally short and polemical because we designed our panel to […]

A Paradox

The EMDA folks spent yesterday afternoon enthralled by Mark Davies’ corpora and his interface for them. Rather than casually noodling around, as I like to say, many of us were in a mad dash to engage with one corpus in particular. Dashing because while Davies had built the thing, most of us had a very short window to access one particular corpus. I’m being deliberately vague here because I value […]

A Dear Colleague letter for breastfeeding moms

Building on Miriam Posner’s excellent blog post about the needs of breastfeeding event attendees, I’ve put together a short letter that you can lift for communicating about breastfeeding needs. I want to encourage people to proactively let organizers etc know that these are normal, acceptable accommodation requests. I’ve been watching the twitter conversation on this topic with horror – no job candidate should EVER face jokes or difficulties when on […]

TCFW: Feminism – the right to say ‘no’ in all contexts

The title of this THATCamp Feminisms wrap up post is an approximation of my favorite quote from TCFW’s events (there was too much good that came from the event for a single post, so there will be a series). Several of us were in a session on Feminist Collaboration and Adrianne Wadewitz reminded us that in so far as feminism is about empowering women, it is about supporting our right […]